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he aggressive tread combined with a high volume casing make the Ardent a great front and rear combo on a trail bike, or as a rear tyre on an enduro bike. If using on an enduro bike, match it up with either a Maxxis Minion DHF, DHR or Highroller 2.

The ramped centre knobs offer great rolling speed while their shape allows them to be very effective at braking and climbing.  The Ardent also offers oversized and stepped side knobs for multiple gripping edges when cornering.

Although not rear specific, the Maxxis Ardent is one of our favourite rear enduro tyres - loved because of its straight-line speed. On flatter courses, the Maxxis Ardent rolls like a champ, but once turned in, the tread opens up to give you confidence in the dustiest most blown out of corners.

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