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This high-end saddlebag will contain everything you need. A tube, some levers, a little tool and even your co2 inflation system. All together in this compact saddlebag. the curved shape makes it fit perfectly under your saddle attached to your seatpost and the waterproof material makes sure your stuff will stay dry, even in the rain with the spray on your back.

  • Size SMALL
  • Volume (cm3)360
  • Volume (ml)360
  • Height (cm)9
  • Width (cm)6.7
  • Size MEDIUM
  • Volume (cm3)520
  • Volume (ml)520
  • Height (cm)9.5
  • Width (cm)8
  • Size LARGE
  • Volume (cm3)690
  • Volume (ml)690
  • Height (cm)10.3
  • Width (cm)8.3
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